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The Exact System to Quickly Secure Scholarships for High School Graduates & College Students

How to Secure Scholarships for College So Your Child Can Graduate With as Little Student Loan Debt as Possible

The Scholarship System

  • Online Course
  • ​Self-paced program
  • ​Custom timeline for course completion depending on your situation
  • Private Facebook Community for support from other families
  • ​​All the tools you need to start getting scholarships NOW
  • ​​7-Day Money Back Guaranteed

Absolute Satisfaction Guarantee

Try the program risk-free and if you're not happy with it ask for a refund within 7-days and we'll refund you in full.

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Knowing exactly what steps to take to find the RIGHT scholarships and WIN them

Your child getting enough scholarships to completely pay for college

Seeing your student, diploma in hand, stepping into the world - debt-free.

"Thus far, she has received over $90,000 in scholarships... Thank you so much for your help. The Scholarship System has been one of the best educational investments that we made!"

And all of this is possible for your family

4 Reasons to Make Scholarships Priority #1

  • Your child deserves to get the education they want and need.
  • Student loans are NOT a requirement for a degree.
  • It’s been done before & you shouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel.
  • ​You'll be able to focus on their education (versus stressing over paying the bill).

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

Meet Your Instructor, Jocelyn

Jocelyn Pearson is the founder of The Scholarship System. Her family was middle income and she was an average student.

After getting into college she figured out how to secure $126,350 in scholarships and graduated debt-free!  After her friends and family asked her how she did it, she set out to create The Scholarship System.

Today, The Scholarship System is helping thousands of students find and qualify for millions of dollars in free scholarships and will accelerate students’ success so we can continue helping families work towards a debt-free education

You'll Experience

#1 Road Map

A clear path to securing scholarships, easing your mind and eliminating the stress behind the process.

#2 Scholarship List

A faster way to uncover hidden scholarships that are legitimate and have less competition.

#3 Essays

The fastest way to write great essays (even if your child hates writing) with our 3-step Essay Writing Method.

#4 Confidence

Confidence in the applications your child is submitting - knowing they’re submitting high quality materials.

#5 Community

Support from others who have successfully gone through this or are currently going through the process.

#6 Proven Systems

Simple tricks that can lead to tens of thousands of dollars extra in funding and make sure you are doing it right

#7 Maximum Aid

Financial aid tips to ensure you’re paying the lowest price possible for your child’s education.

But, Will This Work for My Family & Student?

Here's a list of the types of families & students which this system works for:

  • Senior in High School
  • Just Graduated High School and Heading to College
  • ​Currently Attending College
  • ​Parent in College
  • ​​Multiple parents in college
  • ​Student with Good GPA
  • ​Attending College in Fall
  • ​Student with sub-3.0 GPA
  • ​Attending IVY league school
  • ​Attending State School
  • ​Attending Private University
  • ​Attending Public University

Absolute Satisfaction Guarantee

Try the program risk-free and if you're not happy with it ask for a refund within 7-days and we'll refund you in full.

Here's a Sneak Peak of What's Inside

Module 1: Getting in the Money-Making Mindset

  • The only 2 reasons students fail at getting their college paid for (and most aren’t even aware that this happened to them).
  • ​How hanging out with friends can dramatically increase students’ success rate (and how some students have received more scholarships just from being with their friends.)

Module 2: College Funding 101

  • The one thing students must avoid to prevent being buried in debt for life (and the small change that will make all the difference.)
  • The nearly automated way to track the legitimate, easy scholarships (in fact, this single technique saved me up 20 hours each semester and takes only 30 seconds to implement.)

Module 3: Uncovering the Hidden Scholarships

  • The ONE THING to look for to eliminate fake, spam scholarships. (I admit, this secret is a little unique, but if your child follows my instructions, it works like gangbusters to secure tens of thousands of dollars.)
  • Is there a best time to apply for scholarships? (Here's our answer… It may shock you & your student but this could double the amount of scholarships your child receives.)
  • The ready-for-you cheat sheet to find 30+ scholarships in under an hour.

Module 4: Heating Up the Application

  • Which is better — Grades or Activities? (Of course, both. BUT, what's not so obvious is that focusing on the most common areas can actually hurt scholarship results. Here's what I suggest doing instead...)
  • The completely un-scientific (yet 100% accurate) way to instantly be seen as the top 1% of applicants for every single application. (It's astonishing how few students do this, yet it actually means less work and even students who have yet to get involved can do it.)

Module 5: Perfecting the Application

  • Word-for-word, the single most important 500 words to put in your applications. 
  • ​The secret 15-minute technique to make sure that your child’s application is instantly seen as one of the top candidates.)
  • ​#1 EASIEST way to write a winning essay you'll ever experience. (Believe it or not, your child’s brain WANTS them to write this way... and the judges’ brains WANT them to deliver the information in this exact format.)
  • ​A neurological discovery that lets even people who have never been good at writing write essays that get read and selected

Module 6: Bringing the Money In Year After Year

  • The strange thing Jocelyn did that let her get an additional $13,000 for her sophomore year, $5,000 for studying in Spain, $15,000 her junior year and $10,000 her senior year.
  • The 5-minute technique students must do to make sure scholarships are renewed year after year. Students who forget to do this and miss out on thousands of dollars that they already won.

How It Works

1) After you register, you'll get a secure login to The Scholarship System online portal within 24 hours. Your guide on how to navigate the Scholarship System is waiting for you when you login, so you can get started on your journey right away!

2) You’ll also get immediate access to the AMAZING community of families already inside who are eager to get to know you and support you in your journey. 

3) You’ll get emails every time:
  • There is a live Q&A
  • ​There is something new released on the portal
  • ​There is something helpful to share
And there will be constant communication inside our private community as well.

So if you ever get lost, have a question, or need some love and support - you have a group of people to turn to who “get” you.

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