Learn How to Pay Less for College
How to get $10,000, $20,000, or even $50,000+ in College Grants & Scholarships & Get Your Student Into Their Dream Schools
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You'll Also Receive a FREE My Tuition Score Report

  • Your family’s EFC (Expected Family Contribution) for college
  • ​Definitions and guidance
  • ​School suggestions
  • ​Exactly how much your top 3 colleges give away in grants & scholarships
  • ​& So much more!


Having a team of specialists walk you through every step of the process

Your child getting enough grants & scholarships to completely pay for college

Seeing your student, diploma in hand, stepping into the world - debt-free.

Client Reviews & Testimonials 

But, Is This for My Family & Student?

Here's a list of the types of families & students we work with:

  • Freshman in Highschool
  • Sophomore in High School
  • ​Junior in High School
  • ​Senior in High School
  • Just Graduated High School and Heading to College
  • ​Currently Attending College
  • ​Parent in College
  • ​​Multiple parents in college
  • ​Multiple Kids in High School
  • ​Attending College in Fall
  • ​Student with good GPA
  • ​Student with sub-3.0 GPA
  • ​Attending IVY league school
  • ​Attending State School
  • ​Attending Private University
  • ​Attending Public University
  • ​​Parent in College
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